BANK Winter Update 2015

In Japan, there is a distinct reverence and respect for the broken.  Japanese tea masters honed what's known as the art ofkintsugi, which literally means, 'to patch with gold'. In this process, pieces of a broken bowl are mended with radiant gold. The result is a bowl that resembles nothing of its former self, but is completely transformed into something more beautiful and has acquired a 'better than new' aesthetic.

 This is our bold and audacious belief, that the broken victims of human trafficking have intrinsic beauty and their lives can be restored. Buy Art Not Kids Art Auction (BANK) exists to bring funding and awareness to charities that are fighting the injustice of human trafficking.

 The organizing committee is excited to share a couple of key updates with you today:

  1. The first major update is that we are planning to host the next BANK Art Auction fundraiser in spring 2016. We look forward to announcing a specific date for the art auction by this April. Watch our website ( and social media pages for this announcement.
  2. The second update is that Rachelle and Stephen Kearns, cofounders of BANK, have been invited by Ratanak Int'l, BANK's beneficiary charity, to go to Cambodia and see the incredible work that all of us have been supporting together. Join us as we share our travelling adventures and key updates with you by following the BANK Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Thank you for all of your ongoing support in the work to end human trafficking.

Rachelle & Stephen Kearns, on behalf of the BANK Organizing Committee