As a result of your generous support, proceeds from the event will benefit Ratanak International’s Trafficking Prevention Program. The Trafficking Prevention Program reaches thousands of Cambodian community members each year, educating families on the signs and dangers of trafficking, The Prevention Program reflects Ratanak’s belief that a balanced approach needs to be taken to address exploitation. This program works at the community level in many villages and now operates in most border provinces seeking to educate, enable, and strengthen the understanding of the perils of human trafficking.

Thousands of Cambodian community members are educated each year. Many of the community leaders expressed their gratitude for the training and shared their desire to see greater awareness and education among community members. As a result of the training, hundreds of community leaders have become dedicated to preventing trafficking from taking place and communities are being empowered to take a stand for their children.

Your participation in this fundraising event will enable Ratanak to reach more families and make real, meaningful, and lasting contributions to abolishing human trafficking industry in Cambodia and the world.
  Brian McConaghy, Founding Director of Ratanak International

Brian McConaghy, Founding Director of Ratanak International, was a Forensic Scientist with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for 22 years. n 2010, at the “Stop Human Trafficking” National Awards Ceremony in Winnipeg, Brian McConaghy, the founder of Ratanak, was awarded the “International Freedom Award” for the organization's work in the prevention of human trafficking and child exploitation in Cambodia.