What is Buy Art Not Kids (BANK)? 

THE IDEA:  Art Can Change Everything


Buy Art Not Kids (BANK) exists to help in the fight against the injustice of human trafficking. On Nov 1 2016, BANK will host its third charity art auction event. To date, we have raised awareness and over $110,000 since 2013 to help Ratanak International, a Canadian charity dedicated to the abolition of human trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia.

The BANK art auction brings together community, businesses, and art enthusiasts in the belief that art can help bring positive change to families and communities at risk of being trafficked or exploited.

Art can build up, or tear down; it can raise hope or trigger devastation. It communicates truth or spreads lies.

The ability for art to powerfully evoke such things has been noted throughout time. Can art change the world? Perhaps art itself cannot change the world, but art can change people. And people can change the world.