How your support makes a difference

Funds from Buy Art Not Kids are directed to organizations working to fight against human trafficking.

In Cambodia

We directs funds to Chab Dai, through our partner on the ground, Ratanak International. Founded in 2005, Chab Dai's vision is to address human trafficking and exploitation through coalition-building, prevention, case support, advocacy and research. The Chab Dai Community Heroes Program (funded entirely by proceeds from BANK in 2015) creates a sustainable and organic basis for preventing trafficking in rural areas of Cambodia by empowering and encouraging volunteer trainers (heroes) to help educate and protect their community.

In Canada

BANK supports Covenant House Toronto. The agency recently opened Toronto’s first specialized, longer-term housing program. Young female victims of sex trafficking and exploitation will find critically-needed support to rebuild their lives. This community-based residential program with wrap-around services is a major step in the agency’s comprehensive plan to combat sex trafficking, including crisis intervention and prevention. As the country’s largest agency for homeless youth, Covenant House has offered help to victims for more than 34 years. In addition, in 2016 they launched a critically important campaign to address Canada’s shocking sex trafficking crisis, “Just Like a Girl You Know”. BANK is proud that a portion of our ticket sales will go directly to help Covenant House Toronto fight sex trafficking in Canada. 

chab dai.png
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